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Yoda Token

Yoda is a meme based cryptocurrency token operating on the BEP20 Network (Binance Smart Chain). With great experience, and knowledge within the core team, $Yoda will attempt to peak at the highest market cap possible for a moon mission project.


About Yoda

yoda token is an BEP20 memcoin token with 10% tax. It offers a seamless and cost-effective solution for transactions, providing users with the ability to transact without incurring any additional fees. This feature enhances the accessibility and affordability of using yoda within the cryptocurrency ecosystem and 1% reward in BUSD.

Yoda NFT's


Our tokenomics is designed to offer an optimal balance between token value and economic incentives for holders of Yoda. We have implemented clever mechanisms to promote adoption of our token, while ensuring stability and high rewards long-term viability of the token economy.

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BUSD Rewards

What is The Plan ?

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

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